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La Dordogne

Beynac and Dordogne, originally uploaded by homo_sapiens.

The Dordogne is a river in south-central and southwest France.

The river arises on the flanks of Puy de Sancy in the mountains of Auvergne and flows generally west about 500 km in the Limousin and Périgord regions before it joins the Gironde river which shares an estuary with the Garonne river north of the city of Bordeaux.

The Dordogne takes its name from the names of two torrential streams called the Dore and the Dogne that meet on the flanks of Puy de Sancy and join there to form the Dordogne River. (This is the traditional explanation of the origin of the name, la Dordogne, although there are those who dispute it.)

The Dordogne is one of the few rivers in the world that exhibits the phenomenon known as a tidal bore.

The Valley of the Dordogne is quite beautiful. It attacts a great many visitors and contributes significantly to the region's tourism. The main season for tourists in the Valley of the Dordogne is from June through September with July and August being high tide.

Dordogne River, (last visited May 14, 2006).

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