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Business Analyst in Engineering and Construction (España/Andalucía)


Abengoa applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, generating electricity from renewable resources, converting biomass into biofuels and producing drinking water from sea water.

Simosa IT is the IT and telecommunications company that manages the strategy, operations and systems support to users of all Abengoa companies, currently serving over 9,000 users worldwide. Simosa IT is currently recruiting Business Consultants for the IT business solutions area.

Business consultants work in areas that include engineering and construction (E&C) businesses. Consultants will help to improve companies through assessing weaknesses and recommending solutions and strategic road map.

Business consultants provide an analysis of the existing practices of a company and make recommendations for improvements. These professionals should be specialized in such E&C business management, for energy (transmission lines, solar, combined cycles...), water (desalination), and other types of renewable plants, construction projects, etc...

Duties for business consultants generally begin with understanding what clients wish to improve or fix in terms of engeeneering and contruction. This may include reviewing financial statements, evaluating competitive advantage, and analyzing business best practices in order to improve business preformance bu using best practices technologies worldwide and to propose new solutions or procesess if needed. Once research is complete, business consultants may develop a new business model or business case creating business cases for IT solutions, with recommendations and present them to the final E&C managers and the executive board.

Requisitos mínimos

  • Mature professional with professional experience over 7 years in E&C projects, including at least 2 or 3 years' experience in Business Consultancy.
  • Experience in one or more sectors of E&C: energy, logistic, O&M, etc... 
  • Experience in one or more different types of E&C activities: EPC projects, work and civil engeneering, building construction and civil works, contruction performance, work schedule and forecast, cost control, instrumentation, piping, mechanical and electric assembly, work Resources management on site, progress of work, engeneering consultant... 
  • More than 3 years' experience in a head office, especially in a large or multinational company in the energy sector, is desirable.
  • Experience working in energy or sustainable plants is valuable. 
  • Experience of working in presales environment 
  • Experience in renowned business consultancy firms is valuable. 
  • Experience in communication and change management