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Surface & Ground Water Drainage Networks Engineer (España/Madrid)

Comunidad Madrid


Job Purpose:

Co-ordinates and manages the implementation of major construction projects for Surface and Ground Water Drainage Networks to ensure delivery of projects on time, within budget and to the agreed quality.

Key Areas:

- Coordinate with the Consultant and Contractor on materials approval matters.
- Liaise with other Authorities and Statutory Bodies.
- Advise on contractual and construction matters.
- Liaise with Consultants to approve Contractor's submittals.
- Identify new and improved materials and methods.
- Monitor quality of works on site.
- Issue quality notices and follow-up results.
- Coordinate to Issue additional drawings etc. as required.
- Coordinate and monitor activities of Project Management Consultant.
- Ensure prompt exchange of correspondence and approvals.
- Ensure accuracy and completeness of records.
- Maintain accurate submittal logs.
- Support Consultant's on quality-related matters.
- Resolves issues arising out of project under construction.
- Reviews and comments on contract documentation at pre-contract stage.
- Participates in teams in carrying out tender evaluation of construction and post-contract supervising consulting contracts, to submit reports to the Tender Committees.
- Confirms Recommendation for Payment to Contractors and Post-Contract Supervision Consultants for submitting to Finance Department.
- Support business improvement initiatives and Continuous Improvement.
- Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from an accredited University.
- Minimum 10 years (15 years for Senior position) of demonstrable experience in supervision and management of largescale civil construction projects with particular emphasis on surface and ground water, storm water management projects, drainage networks, infrastructure and environmental projects, monitoring all the project aspects to achieve the proper management and construction compliance with the specifications and quality requirements.
- Minimum 5 years in a similar leading role in an infrastructure project.
- Aptitude to manage directing, planning, and coordinating all administrative and fiscal aspects of the projects.
- Ideally have experience within Micro-tunneling works or similar trenchless technology.
- Knowledge of international construction contract laws and contract administration procedures.
- Competence to review a broad range of general design activities on a variety of public infrastructure projects including Pumping Stations, Outfall and onshore structures, piping networks; groundwater control systems, prepare plans, specifications and cost estimates; analyze, interpret, and plot engineering data; interpret the application of design criteria and check plans and specifications for accuracy of design and completeness.
- Hability to speak and write in English.

Se ofrece

This is an excellent opportunity for solid construction sector professionals wishing to develop their career in an international and multicultural environment. Also, selected individuals will enjoy an interesting package of conditions for recruitment.