Doctorado en Quimica para Proyecto de Investigación


MATGAS, a research centre devoted to CO2 and sustainability (http://www.matgas.com), offers a postdoctoral research contract in the framework of a Catalonian Government funded project. The work will be performed in the context of the project “Development and integration of biological and chemical oxidation treatments for a sustainable reduction of micro-pollutants in waste water (BioQuim_rescue)”, funded by the Technology Innovation Cores (Nuclis) Programme of the Catalonian Government.

The main objective of the BioQuim_rescue project is to study and to develop different chemical processes of advanced oxidation (AOP) in combination with biological treatments that allow the removal of recalcitrant micro-contaminants from water, in a sustainable way both economically and environmentally. The work to be developed at MATGAS in collaboration with the BioQuim_rescue partners involves the evaluation and performance of advanced oxidation processes for removing recalcitrant pollutants from wastewaters together with biological treatments. The postdoctoral candidate will be working in a multidisciplinary research centre, with access to last generation equipments, in an innovative and challenging atmosphere.

The candidate should have PhD in chemistry, chemical engineering or environmental science, and experience in the water treatment area.