Advisor to promote management committees watersheds in Sucre (Bolivia)

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Your Tasks

  • Support of the Decentralized Unit Chuquisaca in planning, implementation, monitoring and assessment of process to support and strengthen watershed committees.
  • Assistance to implement specific activities to promote, install and strengthen watershed committees.
  • Support of the Decentralized Unit to promote and implement "educational watersheds", where best practices of watershed management are applied.
  • Systematization of experiences related to support and strengthening watershed committees.
  • Assistance of the Decentralized Unit to formulate and develop strategies, mechanism, actionplans and instruments to support watershed committees.

Field of activity

  • The aim of the assignment is to support the Vice Ministry for water resources and irrigation (VRHR) by assistance to its decentralized unit in Chuquisaca, to develop and apply policies, strategies and mechanism that strengthen and promote watershed committees. The assistance will contribute to develop and consolidate strategic orientations, processes and instruments, to support and strengthen watershed committees, which are responsible to implement projects of the national watershed plan (PNC) under the competence of the regional Chuquisaca office of VRHR in Chuquisaca, Tarija and Potosí.

Assignment period 2 years 

Your Profile

  • Qualified as an agricultural engineer or agronomist, specialized in fruit-growing
  • Experiences in organizational development and support, preferentially in water management.
  • Experiences in projects dealing with watershed management or similar topics as irrigation, integrated water resource management.
  • Clear understanding of the role and functions of an advisor
  • Good Spanish language skills
  • Knowledge in mainstreaming of adaption to climate change, gender issues and conflict sensibility.
  • Knowledge and experiences in training and application of assistance methodologies
  • Experiences in networking.
  • Good knowledge of German and English is desirable