Commissioning Engineer for a Desalination Plant (Oman)

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The Commissioning Engineer will be responsible for the pre-Commissioning and the Commissioning of the SWTP/SWRO Plant as well as handing over of the same to the Client, he will be reporting directly to the Contract Manager. Will be the maximum responsible of the Plant´s Commissioning and/or Operation. The Commissioning Engineer is responsible for supporting and supervision the Commissioning Team on projects. Assure Project´s Process requirements are met. Assure the Quality Control Plan is fulfilled, and requirements are met. Will supervise all operation and water process related works. Will co-ordinate the works under his scope and schedule them according to a plan. Will maintain close communication with the Contract Manager and the Client. Will advise subordinates on good practices related to Process, Plant Operation and the Environment. He or she enthusiastically participates in all project and company safety programs. It is the responsibility of the Commissioning Engineer to oversee completion of multi-discipline division of work related to pre-commissioning or commissioning on projects. In addition, the Commissioning Engineer also develops multi-discipline commissioning strategy documents for projects. The responsibilities of the Commissioning Engineer include the reviewing, approving and overseeing the installation and design of minor temporary commissioning supplies and systems.The Commissioning Engineer must review and approve all multi-discipline commissioning processes to ensure they are compliant with the procedures, specifications and standards of the project. Will personally inspect the works under his scope. Ensure observance of safety rules, regulations and practices. In addition, the Commissioning Engineer must audit commissioning activities on regularly to ensure compliance with environmental, quality, and safety requirements. Perform related work as required.


Ten (10) years in Water Treatment Plants. He or she should have worldwide experience in operation and process design within the water industry. Also in applying HSE-standards, leading a start-up and commissioning team and with operation classroom training. He or she should be able to maintain HSE consistence onsite


Degree at Master or BSC level, if possible in chemical technology process technique


Bilingüal in English. Thorough knowledge of Sewage Water Treatment Plants and auxiliary equipment, tools, methods/standards and practices used in their operation. Thorough knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety regulations and precautions involved in the erection and operation of SWTP´s. Ability of understand and follow oral and written instructions. Ability to supervise the work of others. Ability to detect defects in malfunctions in a Water Treatment Plant process operation. Ability to interpret and work from plans, blueprints and sketches. Ability to propose improvements for the Project. Good communication and people skills. Willingness to travel. Good Team work skills required.

Los candidatos pueden enviar directamente su CV a seleccion@select-ing.es, o apuntarse directamente a través de la web: www.select-ing.es