Executive Director (México)

Monterrey Metropolitan Water Fund


The Monterrey Metropolitan Water Fund (FAMM”) has been developed as a structure and mechanism for investment in the conservation and restoration of environmental services in watersheds that supply water to and have an impact on the metropolitan area of Monterrey. Through this financial mechanism, the efforts of various public and private bodies will be complemented with the aim of contributing to improving the conditions of the watersheds and avoiding future problems including floods and/or those related with processes such as sedimentation and pollution, which adversely affect water resources and reservoirs.

The Executive Director will spearhead the fundraising efforts to capitalize 24 million USD for the FAMM in coordination with TNC and FEMSA Foundation over the coming three years. The Executive Director will contribute to obtaining seed money for the start-up of the mechanism. He/she will work closely with partners and other stakeholders, users and key institutions to support the FAMM’s first steps, development and management. This will include organizing meetings and negotiating the necessary agreements for the setup and management of the FAMM. The Executive Director will manage, develop, administer and help the projects, plans, policies and methods to advance towards the FAMM’s strategy. He/she will be responsible for the successful leadership and management of the FAMM’s philosophy, mission, strategy and objectives in accordance with the strategic direction outlined by the FAMM’s Board. Together with the Chair of the Board, he/she will support the Board in order to carry out its governance functions, including the following:

  • With the Board, take part in the development of a vision and a strategic plan to guide the FAMM.
  • Identify, evaluate and inform the Board of internal and external issues that might affect the organization.
  • Lead the identification, relationship building, and the requests to the FAMM’s main donors in association with TNC, FEMSA Foundation and the Chair of the Board to reach the annual fundraising targets.
  • Take part in the fundraising activities, as necessary, as well as identifying the possible sources of funding, supervising the production of fundraising plans and writing funding proposals to increase the organization’s funds.
  • Act as a professional advisor to the Board in all aspects of the organization’s practical activities.
  • Foster the efficient team work between the Board, Chair and the rest of the FAMM team.
  • Together with the Chair, act as a spokesperson for the organization.
  • Produce the official correspondence on behalf of the Board.
  • Represent the organization in activities in the community to improve the organization’s profile.
  • Determine the staff needs for the management of the organization and implementation of its programs.
  • Supervise the effective and efficient day-to-day running of the organization.
  • Develop, administer and implement the FAMM’s strategy and projects.
  • Work with strategic partners to implement projects and strategies with multiple stakeholders, including local organizations, municipalities, the state government and public/private organizations.
  • Implement, perform and evaluate the plans and programs approved and funded by the Executive Board.
  • Draw up the FAMM’s annual operative plans and annual budget, in accordance with the financial yield obtained.
  • Convene the meetings of the Executive Board and the Technical and Promotion Boards when required. Provide support by preparing the agenda, necessary materials and the strategy for those meetings.
  • Evaluate the projects and programs that are proposed by national or foreign individuals and organizations, be they public or private.
  • Promote the generation of partnerships and agreements, with organizations and institutions at both the local and national level, for the development and continuity of the FAMM’s activities.
  • Create the advisory committees that are required to achieve the FAMM’s objectives.
  • Communicate regularly with interest groups in order to keep them up to date on the work.
  • Provide periodic activity reports on the FAMM to be sent to the Executive Board every three months and present to the Executive Board a biennial report on the attribution and implementation of projects and programs.


  • BA/BS degree and 10 years’ experience in conservation practice or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Experience with certain aspects of fundraising: identifying donor prospects and donor cultivation.
  • Experience directing a major environmental program of strategic importance, including management/supervision of multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Experience working with current trends and practices in relevant discipline(s) and regions.
  • Experience in partnership development (partners, community, government, etc.); experience with high-level conservation contacts.


  • 10 years’ experience in project administration and natural resources management, including the scheme of payment for environmental services.
  • Post-graduate degree in project administration, sustainability and/or finances, among others.
  • Experience in national or international fund management and fundraising for projects.
  • Knowledge of all the applicable municipal, state and federal legislation and public policies on natural resource management, sustainable development and tax deductibility, among others.
  • Experience in the coordination of work groups and managing inter-institutional teams.
  • Capacity and disposition to apply science to decision making and guiding activities.
  • Experience working with the media and decision makers.
  • Capacity to manage conflicts and work under pressure.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and proven experience in effective communication with the public and/or the media.
  • Excellent inter-personal relationships.
  • Availability to travel to locations other than his or her normal place of work (approximately 15% of the time).
  • Knowledge and effective and proven experience in finances (contracts, invoices and budgets).
  • Knowledge of the current challenges and opportunities related with the FAMM’s mission.
  • Manages time and diverse activities with tight deadlines, producing quality results.
  • Practical knowledge of common software (e.g. Word, Excel and web browsers).
  • Good level of written and spoken English.