Team Leader - River Basin Management Expert (Turquía)

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The team leader will be the key long-term expert with a professional as well as an administrative role in the project. He/she is likely to have held management positions in public institutions or in private companies involved in water management or to have worked extensively with them, especially in the context of the implementation of the EU WFD and other relevant Directives in or for the EU member and/or accession states.


  • Minimum 10 years overall professional experience in the field of water University degree in at least one of the following: water science or engineering, biology or earth sciences, environmental sciences, economics, social sciences or management, Chemistry, Hydrobiology, Hydrology. In the absence of a relevant university degree at least 14 years of professional experience in the related areas.
  • At least 3 years of experience related to the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and/or other EU Directives related to river basin management;
  • At least l project experience in the preparation of River Basin Management Plan or Integrated Water Resources Management;
  • Working experience on Water Framework Directive related legislation;
  • Experience with having held a management position, team leader or equivalent, in a minimum two multi-country water management projects, preferably in involving stakeholders in the integrated water management process and trans-boundary issues.
  • Good command of written and spoken English;
  • Good command of Turkish language will be an asset.
  • Availability to travel and live in Turkey