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Programme Officer- Water Footprint Network


<p><a href=""><img title="WFN" src="" alt="" width="150" height="78"></a>The Water Footprint Network (WFN) is a dynamic, international, continuous learning community with over 160 partners in 39 countries committed to promoting sustainable, equitable and efficient water use through the advancement of the Water Footprint. Established in 2008 with partners from academia, NGOs, international organisations and business sectors, WFN is a fast growing organization at the cutting edge of the methodology, data, tools and application of Water Footprint Assessment. Currently the Water Footprint Network is seeking a Programme Officer (m/f).</p>
<p>As a centre of excellence for Water Footprint Assessment, the Water Footprint Network’s work programme consists of:</p>
<p>1. Developing standards, methods, guidelines and criteria for Water Footprint Assessment;<br>
2. Facilitating Water Footprint Assessment research and development;<br>
3. Promoting training, knowledge exchange &amp; dissemination;<br>
4. Developing practical tools for Water Footprint Assessment;<br>
5. Supporting organisations in conducting a Water Footprint Assessment and developing a sustainable and fair water policy; and<br>
6. Reviewing and certifying the use of the Water Footprint concept.</p>
<p>The Programme Officer will contribute to the delivery of the work programme as part of the WFN Team, in association with WFN partners and with lead responsibility for specific projects and initiatives.</p>
<h3>Major Duties and Responsibilities:</h3>
<p>Project procurement and implementation including:</p>
<p>o Developing project concepts, proposals and plans<br>
o Managing administrative aspects of project delivery<br>
o Delivering technical assistance in Water Footprint Assessment<br>
o Reviewing and writing reports<br>
o Sharing and disseminating learning from projects</p>
<p>Deliver face-to-face and online Water Footprint training including:</p>
<p>o Coordination of training events<br>
o Preparation of training materials<br>
o Delivery of training<br>
o Evaluation and follow up from training activities</p>
<p>Contribute to WFN partner activities including:</p>
<p>o Maintaining daily communications through email and phone<br>
o Planning and organizing WFN meetings<br>
o Facilitating the Practitioner’s Community<br>
o Facilitating working groups or other ad hoc partner activities<br>
o Building a research and development network</p>
<p>Represent WFN through:</p>
<p>o Participation in sounding boards, working groups or other contributing groups<br>
o Review and comment on reports, proposals, papers, etc.<br>
o Attending and presenting at meetings, conferences and other fora<br>
o Meetings with policy makers, industry leaders, sector groups, etc.</p>
<h3>Working Relationships</h3>
<p>The Programme Officer is supervised by the Executive Director and is responsible to the Board (Executive Director and Science Director). The Programme Officer supervises interns, students and sub-contractors on occasion. S/he is part of the Water Footprint Network Team which works together to deliver all activities of Water Footprint Network. S/he is responsive to the Water Footprint Network Partners.</p>
<p>For this exciting position, we are looking for an energetic, amiable person, with high professional standards who can handle technical content as well as complex relationships. S/he can inspire others to take actions in alignment with Water Footprint Network’s mission. Ideally, s/he will be able to work well with both the public and private sector due to a deep understanding of the environmental, social and economic perspectives of sustainable water use. By joining the Water Footprint Network Team, the candidate will be a leader in Water Footprint studies and will need to bring critical thinking, excellent people skills and enthusiasm to the position.</p>
<p>• Master degree and several years of experience in water resources, environmental sciences, aquatic ecology, chemical engineering or related field or advanced experience in sustainability in the private sector or public policy engagement<br>
• Proven experience in project management and procurement<br>
• Excellent communication skills in English – writing, speaking and listening, other languages a plus<br>
• Experience working in an international context and ability to work well with people from different cultures and backgrounds<br>
• Excellent time management, ability to manage competing demands with grace and to work well under pressure<br>
• Ability to work as part of a close-knit team and to carry projects forward independently<br>
• Experience working with the private sector at the management level or high level policy engagement is desired<br>
• Ability to travel frequently and internationally<br>
• Proven commitment to the Water Footprint Network’s mission</p>
<p>The position is offered initially for one year, with possible extension. The average gross monthly salary is 3300 euro, depending on the experience and qualifications of the candidate. The salary is based on a working week of 40 hours per week (1 Full Time Equivalent). Preferred starting date of the job is 1 December 2011. The job will be located at the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands.</p>
<h3>Information and applications</h3>
<p>For more information about this job offer please email with “Programme Officer” in the subject heading. More information about the Water Footprint Network is available at</p>
<p>Your written application, provided with a CV and three references should be submitted no later than October 12, 2011 by e-mail to with reference to the vacancy ‘Programme Officer’.</p>