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Public health engineer - Watsan

Fundación Oxfam Intermón

The work may involve immediate deployment in the first phase of an emergency stage, to assess the situation and subsequently implement public health engineering solutions appropriate to the context to provide life saving water and sanitation measures in accordance with international standards to alleviate the plight of the people affected by the emergency. Support may continue thereafter until the situation is stabilised and/or to strengthen capacities, systems and resources on the ground to be more prepared for either scaling up or future shocks.

Requisitos mínimos

  • A suitable qualification in a discipline related to Public Health Engineering. 
  • Proven practical experience in humanitarian responses in appropriate water supplies, sanitation and hygiene promotion. It is desirable that most of this should have been in large scale emergency relief programmes. 
  • The post holder should have a good understanding of the WASH needs of poor rural and urban communities and of appropriate ways of tackling them. 
  • The post holder must be aware of and sensitive to the particular needs of women in this context.
  • The ability to write strategies, programme proposals and concise reports sometimes at short notice, reflecting the problems and possible solutions for particular situations.
  • To demonstrate the ability or willingness to implement different approaches to Humanitarian WASH programming using cash, vouchers or market based approaches. 
  • To demonstrate management competencies, of international and multi-cultural teams, in difficult,stressful environment

Requisitos deseados

  • Behavioural skills: demonstrate competencies around "listening and creating dialogue" and "working with others" as well as networking skills