Senior Drainage Projects Engineer (Catar)


Our client, an important Qatari company specialized in construction and infrastucture projects, is looking for a Senior Drainage Projects Engineer.

The main responsabilities of the canditate will be to:

1. Review the tender documents to assure the quality of them. 
2. Review the tenderers technical and finical proposals to recommend the best proposal.
3. Attend Pre-Bid and Pre-Construction Meetings to be aware of all preconstruction events.
4. Manage the Contractor's requests to obtain permissions required to access existing facilities in operation to proceed with the related work without delay.
5. Review Contractor Payment Certificate approved by the Engineer in order to insure payment to the Contractor on proper time.
6. Review and certify the supervisory Consultant Invoices in order to ensure payment on proper time.
7. Review and check the weekly and monthly reports to ensure compliance of project status with the related schedules.
8. Review the progress of work against the approved time schedule and check the updated CPM to advice the Contactor to provide a recovery plan for delayed items that may lead to delay in the completion of the project within the scheduled time.
9. Study with coordination with Engineer all request for information issued by the Contractor in order to assist the management to provide the proper reply.
10. Present the need to issue site instruction to the Contractor to assist the management in making the right decision.
11. Study with coordination with Engineer all claims issued by the Contractor in order to assist the management to provide the proper reply.
12. Interview the proposed key Staff of the supervisory Consultant for acceptance.
13. Assure the completion of close out procedure and documents to turn over the project to O&M department.


1. BS in civil engineering.
2. Minimum of 12 years experience.
3. At least 5 years experience in a management capacity for projects related to water and waste water treatment plant.
4. At least 6 years field experience working for water and waste water treatment plant.
5. Computer knowledge