Connecting Waterpeople

Call for solutions: flash floods in the Mediterranean area

De 19/01/2012 (Todo el día) hasta 20/01/2012 (Todo el día)
Marseilles - Arles, France



Over the past 20 years 210 destructive flash floods have struck the Mediterranean area, impacting more that 3 million people.

The International Workshop that will take place on 19-20 January 2012 is a place to share experiences amongst Mediterranean stakeholders: it aims at discovering, debating and promoting sustainable and concrete solutions to manage this type of crisis and lessen human as well as material losses.

Click here to download the Call for Solutions form.

Four working groups have been set up to match the wide range of skills required to deal with flash floods risks:

- Prevention

- Forecasting and Alert

- Needs assessment and Coordination of Assistance

- Reconstruction

Workshop conclusions will be part of the High Level Expert Panel on Water and Disasters (HLEP/UNSGAB) meeting and will be presented at the 6th World Water Forum taking place in Marseille in 2012.