Global Water Summit 2013

De 22/04/2013 (Todo el día) hasta 23/04/2013 (Todo el día)
Barcelo Renacimiento Hotel Seville


Seville’s status as a centre of cultural fusion, a birthplace of new ideas and grand visions is written into the bricks and mortar.

The 2013 Global Water Summit draws its inspiration from the host city: we are bringing the world of water together in one place to share and reward the ideas that make the industry work better.

This year the Summit is not all about the water sector, but about what the water industry can learn from the rest of the world – the penetration of the telecoms sector; water stewardship in the oil and gas sectors; the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley.

The Global Water Summit 2013 will be an exhibition of the best business practices and most ground breaking ideas from across the globe, and how they can be applied to the challenge of providing water.