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Smart Water Magazine: a new global leader is coming

  • Smart Water Magazine: new global leader is coming

Smart Water Magazine, the new media platform for water sector professionals around the world, will be launched on the following 8th of January. After ten years’ experience in the Spanish-speaking field, the iAgua team renews itself to face its most ambitious challenge: to become the leader of water related information on a global scale.

The new Smart Water Magazine (SWM) will cover world news updated 24 hours a day, giving special importance to the following geographic areas: Europe, MENA, North America and LATAM. Our coverage will focus on areas such as management of services, public-private partnerships, construction and infrastructure use, investigation and the development of intelligent technologies, climate change, legislation and cooperation.

For Alejandro Maceira, Director of iAgua, the launch of Smart Water Magazine is a fundamental step towards becoming the world leader in providing water related information. “iAgua’s traffic is currently 10 times that of prominent water sector medias in English. We are convinced that, in a brief period of time, Smart Water Magazine will replicate iAgua’s success story and become the daily reference for the most influential professionals in the world".

David Escobar, Partner of iAgua, highlights the challenge of maintaining the recipe for success. “The waterpeople community has been and is one of the pillars on which the project is sustained. We intend to build the largest community of professionals and entities throughout the world around Smart Water Magazine".

A Model of Success

The structure of SWM will be identical to that of iAgua. The content will be fundamentally organized into two sections: entities and blogs. Each entity or blogger will have a microsite in which their content will be grouped. The website users may follow them to receive notifications of their latest publications. Likewise, Smart Water Magazine will implement a Ranking to recognise the most influential actors of the water sector.

For this new project, we already count on important sponsors who have supported the incredible potential of Smart Water Magazine from the beginning. If you think we can help your organization improve its visibility among water sector professionals, please contact us at and we will help you develop the best marketing communications strategy. 

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A Strong Team

From left to right: Alejandro Maceira (CEO and Founder), Cristina Novo (Technical Editor), Olivia Tempest (Content Activator Manager) and David Escobar (Partner)

Smart Water Magazine is building a new team to reinforce the writing and commercial group that has made the success story of iAgua possible. The first additions to the content team of SMW are Olivia Tempest as Content Activator Manager and Cristina Novo as Technical Editor. In addition, Águeda García de Durango becomes the new Editor in Chief of Smart Water Magazine and iAgua.

About Olivia Tempest

Olivia Tempest Prados graduated from the University of Bristol, with a bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Studies. Then, completed a Master's in International Relations at the San Pablo University and a Master's in Marketing, Sales and Digital Business at UNIR Business School, both in Madrid. Regarding her work experience, prior to working in iAgua, she worked in Civitatis as English Market Manager, developing the English market of the company for three years. Previously, she worked as Junior Brand Manager for Sonae, and as Account Executive for Tinkle. Having been born in Belgium, she speaks fluent English, Spanish and French.

Olivia said: "I believe that working in Smart Water Magazine will allow me to deepen my knowledge of Marketing and Communication, whilst learning all about the exciting and fundamental water sector".

About Cristina Novo

Cristina Novo graduated in Biology from McGill University and has a Master's in Resource Management from Simon Fraser University, in Canada. Her background includes work in the environmental field and particularly the water sector, in consulting and in the Canadian public administration. She is based in Madrid since 2009, where she works providing language services, specialising in life sciences and the environment.

Cristina said: "I am eager with this opportunity to combine my experience in the water field and my translation skills at Smart Water Magazine".

About Águeda García de Durango

Águeda García de Durango graduated in Environmental Sciences from the Autonomous University of Madrid and has a Master’s in Environmental Management. Prior to working in iAgua, she worked in environmental consulting and communications. For the last years in iAgua, Águeda worked as Content Manager. Her main tasks included User Management, supervision of the all the site’s publications, social media management and the coordination of iAgua Magazine, the company’s paper magazine. She is also the Communications Manager for YWP Spain.

Águeda said: "This is a great opportunity for the growth of iAgua and becoming Editor in Chief of Smart Water Magazine is a great challenge and will allow me to continue growing in the company".