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Global Warming Brings Severe Drought to UK

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La sequía no solo golpea a la Península Ibérica. Gran Bretaña también la sufre y algunos la achacan al cambio climático.

"The severe drought ravaging Southern Great Britain is undoubtedly related to global warming. Water - either its uncharacteristic scarcity or over-abundance - may well be the first major way in which the deadliness of abrupt runaway climate change exhibits itself. No water, no life. It is that simple. And climate change confounds the patterns that have brought adequate, dependable water supplies to most human settlements. Oh we are in for some deep shit if we do not aggressively target adequate climate change policies.

Drought-Hit Britain May Face Water Rationing

Britons must use less water or face rationing as the country suffers its worst drought in a century, the head of the country's Environment Agency said on Friday."

Vía Climate Change Blog.

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