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eventAgua: las citas más importantes en el sector del agua (08-06-2011)

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eventAgua es una sección de iAgua que recoge las citas más importantes para el sector.

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VII Congreso Internacional del modelo hidrológico SWAT

Mié, 15/06/2011 / Vie, 17/06/2011

Universidad de Castilla La-Mancha

Toledo, España

The Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) is a public domain model jointly developed by USDA Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) and Texas AgriLife Research, part of The Texas A&M University System. SWAT is a river basin-scale model to simulate the quality and quantity of surface and shallow ground water and predict the environmental impact of land management practices on different soil patterns and land use patterns. SWAT is widely used in assessing soil erosion prevention and control, non-point source pollution control and regional management in watersheds.

Dr. Jose María Bodoque del Pozo

Water Engineering and Management in a Changing Environment

Catania, Italy

The objective of the 6th International Symposium of the European Water Resources Association is to provide an open forum for analyzing the main challenges for an effective water resources management, also able to adapt to climate change impacts.
Particular emphasis will be devoted to the developments in the application of EU policies on water resources management (i.e. Water Framework Directive 2000/60, Floods Directive 2007/60 and Water Scarcity and Droughts Strategy), as well as to the latest advancements in water engineering all over the world.

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